William Al-Sharif

name William Al-Sharif is a British writer, a humanist intellectual and a pacifist activist. He travelled for nearly 20 years in Asian countries and delivered lectures in more than 60 countries. He lives in Scotland.

James Frazer: Magic, Religion and Science

18th July 2009
James Frazer: Magic, Religion and Science This essay will illustrate and appraise Sir James Frazer's evolutionary explanations of magic, religion and science, as depicted particularly in his famous work The Golden Bough (1890-1915). This requires ... Read >

Beethoven: The Musician of Liberty

17th July 2009
Beethoven: The Musician of Liberty The personality, the place, and the time combined to produce the brilliant artist, sensitive in the highest degree to the impulses of the new era. Nourished by the vision of liberated humanity and the dignity of the i... Read >

On Isis

15th May 2009
On Isis This essay discusses the transformation of the Egyptian goddess Isis into a cult figure in the Greco-Roman world, and whether the goddess's image continued to be depicted as the Divine Mother and Child in "Western" culture. The word "cult" is ... Read >